Design for Real Consumers

Design for Real Consumers is a partnership with the Consumers’ Association, Which?, with aim of improving people’s lives through original research and the design of practical solutions across consumer markets and public services.

For more than 50 years Which? has campaigned on behalf of consumers. At the heart of this work, there has always been a recognition that consumers react to markets in different ways; while some consumers struggle with everyday decisions, others have more capability and resilience.

Which?’s Real Consumers programme centres on the differences between the idealised consumer of economic models and the reality of consumer behaviour, with the ultimate aim of putting real consumer behaviour at the heart of policy making and regulation.

Together, we are focusing on a range of policy areas including financial decision making, energy utilities, and health and social care.


Avri Bilovich
Avri Bilovich
Doctoral Student
Daniel Read
Professor of Behavioural Science
Edward Gardiner
Behavioural Design Lead
Eugene Tay
Doctoral Student
Ivo Vlaev
Professor of Behavioural Science
Neil Stewart
Professor of Psychology
Sebastiano Massaro
Assistant Professor