All studies involving human participation require ethics approval. The route by which approval is granted will depend on your status as a researcher (staff, student) and also on the nature of the proposed research. The principal application methods are described below.

The DR@W Umbrella
The DR@W ethics umbrella is a delegated ethics agreement (approved by HSSREC for five years, to May 2018).  It allows a registered group of researchers (the DR@W community) to obtain expedited approval for a range of common decision making paradigms undertaken in any of the DR@W affiliated laboratories. Applications are submitted electronically. Only academic faculty and research staff who are affiliated with DR@W and who are members of the approved list of researchers are eligible to apply via this route. PhD student research may not be approved via DR@W. If your proposed research falls within the scope of the DR@W agreement and you would like to be added to the researcher list, please contact the DR@W Coordinator.

For researchers who not members of the DR@W researcher list, or whose proposed  research falls outside the DR@W Umbrella criteria, it is necessary to apply directly to the HSSREC. For full instructions and guidance notes, please refer to the HSSREC Application Page.

PhD Students
The approval route for PhD research differs between departments. WBS Behavioural Science students should submit applications via the Doctoral Program Office (DPO). Enquiries may be directed to the DPO’s Nominated Ethics Representative or to the Behavioural Science Group Laboratory Manager. Students in the Departments of Economics and Psychology should contact their supervisor regarding local ethics arrangements.

MSc Students
Approval for MSc BES research is granted by the departmental ethics committees of the host departments. WBS Behavioural Science students should make applications via their supervisor. Enquiries can be directed to the Behavioural Science Group Laboratory Manager. Psychology and Economics students can access the relevant application forms via the Moodle page for PS916. Enquiries should be directed to Emily Stilwell.