Behavioural Science at Warwick is a leading collaboration of researchers, teachers and practitioners from business, psychology, economics and other departments at the University of Warwick. The aim is to link theoretical and practical challenges in the social sciences with experimental methods and results drawn from the natural sciences. The research interests include developmental and behavioural economics, risk and uncertainty, cognitive science and judgment and decision-making.

The collaboration conducts basic research but is also heavily involved in applications for government, business and charities, particularly across health, finance and energy. We have partnerships in place with organisations in the public and private sector, consult for banks, energy providers and healthcare organisations, and are regularly invited to speak at conferences and events, or to provide commentary in the media.

Behavioural science is taught across a number of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at Warwick, including the MSc Behavioural and Economic Science and Full-time MBA, as well as through open online courses, executive education and the annual summer school. There are a lot of opportunities to get involved in our activities, from participating in experiments to attending events and partnering on projects.